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fit for a story. [26 Jul 2003|07:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. Here it is.

Okay, so I was staying at this person's house with a few other people(I didn't know any of them) and he lived in this little tiny house, but right next to his little house he had built a big beautiful mansion. When I had asked him why he didn't live in the mansion, he told me that he had built it for his wife who had died. So I guess it was a sort of tomb. So after that had happened, me and this other person were sitting outside of this guys little house and we started hearing weird noises coming from the big house. We went and told the guy, and we all went over the mansion to check it out. When we walked in the front door, we saw that the guy had made the mansion every bit like the house would have been if his wife was still alive. There was a table set for dinner, and everything. He led us to the bedroom, and there was this huge bed. It had red covers.

I think I woke up then. I just thought it was interesting because the guy in my dream loved his wife so much. He made her afterlife just like her life would have been. I thought it was sweet.

I also liked the way everything looked in my dream. The big house was so beautiful.


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[14 May 2003|09:57pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Figured I'd give this community a little much-needed love...

Last night I found myself back in my fourth-grade classroom, surrounded by various peers from that bygone age. It struck me as odd to find myself here because I had forgotten that these people ever existed; for the most part I'd simply discarded them into the "unpleasant memories" bin of my consciousness. And whereas I was my current age in this dream, all of these kids seemed as young as they were back then. Of course that makes sense since I haven't seen the majority of them since all those years ago. But anyway, of particular notice was a girl named Nicole, who was seated at the desk before me. If I remember correctly, she was smitten with me, at least as far as fourth graders allow themselves to be smitten by members of the cootie-bearing gender. In my dream she was examining a tiny gold pendant in the shape of a turtle, which I had around my neck. She was commenting on how much she liked it; I didn't like it because it was gold (I detest gold), but wore it for the turtle, which I'm pretty sure is my spirit animal. The only other person from that dream whom I could remember clearly was a punk-ass by the name of Nathan. Funny though, I met him in the SEVENTH grade. Anyway, I don't remember much else except that there were these binders that everyone had, and inside each one were portraits of everyone in the class. Only when I opened mine up, I found that I had brought the wrong binder to class, that this was my long-lost collection of baseball cards. I had forgotten until now that I even collected baseball cards in my youth. It boggles me still, because I never had such a keen interest in the sport, or any other sport for that matter. I don't know, there was a lot more to it but its all gone now... I just remember that there were alot of elements of my childhood present in my dreams last night, and I kept allowing myself to sleep "just a little bit longer" to see what other memories my subconscious was willing to reveal. So yeah, its not much, but more than I'm used to remembering nowadays.

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[07 Apr 2003|10:52pm]

[ mood | sad [still] ]

You know it's pretty pathetic when you can't even get laid in your dreams. Usually my dreams are pretty much lucid dreams but last night I had two different dreams and an ex boyfriend in each of them, a good chance I was gonna have sex with them and the dream would just end and I would wake up. What's up with that?

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Lurker [31 Mar 2003|07:30pm]

[ mood | good ]

Well... a lurker always shows his spots.

I love to read about people's dreams, as they typically are a very personal, interesting, view into people's mind. I recently discovered that, I have been having a lot of nightmeres lately, and waking up in the middle of the night a lot more.

Though, I wish I could remember more of them, I am mostly getting blips and stills.

The sad one I had two nights ago though was about Angie and I. Angie and I are on the outs, my best friend is gone. And the dream had us hugging, made me miss her so much.

So... I posted. I will be glad to post more later :)

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[31 Mar 2003|04:13am]

Ok so this was created so... people BESIDES me can post their dreams. Don't make me have to get violent. [haha] I see that someone new has joined which is good. As for now it is time for me to head off to the land of dreams.
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[22 Mar 2003|07:34am]

[ mood | good ]

Thursday night I had a really strange dream. I guess I was "with" Anthony and we were in this house and for some reason I wanted to give him this really cool present. So I had all these glass projection screen sorta things scattered randomly all over in the back yard and the picture that was projected on them was of this blue blue sky and swirly pink and purple clouds and below them was a beautiful sparkling ocean but it was all water colored, not a real picture. So I get all this going and bring him to the kitchen window to look at it because we couldn't go outside because it was nothing but sand like in Beetlejuice. He absolutely loved his present and took me to another room in the house and reaches his hand into this tub sorta thing and pulls out this red squid and hands it to me, I looked at it and threw it back in the tub. Then we had to go to this family picnic/barbeque thing and me and him are sitting at a table alone, minding our own business when some women looks at Anthony and points to this table of girls and tells him they are checking him out so HE GETS UP AND LEAVES ME!! and goes and talks to those girls and I am just fuming. He comes back sits down and I start tearing into him about how rude that was and how could he do that to me when two girls came up to him and one starts flirting with him and the other is just the one girls friend so I start bitching at the girl about how rude she is to come hit on my guy while I was there and I pushed her. Anthony pushes me back down in my chair and starts yelling at me for being the way I was and I just couldn't believe it and I was pissed and hurt. =( I leave and meet up with my mom, step dad, sister, and her boyfriend and we go to this bar that's by my work called Pickerings although it wasn't the same in my dream. We are waiting for a table to open and stuff when the hostess comes over and out of the blue picks me up and drops me on the floor and we were all like what the fuck!? Come to find out she was the mom of the bitch I was pissed at from the picnic and so we sued her.

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[22 Mar 2003|07:29am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Wednesday night I fell asleep watching CNN and dreamed that I was in these ghetto ass apartment things in Iraq and this guy was jumping from balcony to balcony with his Pit bull and was trying to break in through the screen door to get my dog but never could. I walked outside and to this building where all these people were looking for Saddam and it was sort of like hide and seek cuz we knew he was in there and he knew we were looking for him so he was hiding from us. I walk up to this water heater thing and stand on the side of it and open it cuz I didn't want him to see me in case he was in there and this girl sort of a little ways away nodded her head that he was in there so I closed the door and took off running and he jumped out and shot me and I couldn't figure out if I was dead or just dreaming but then I got up and was back outside of the apartments where people were running around all crazy because Iraqi troops were shooting and stuff and one threw a grenade at me but I ran away from it before it exploded...

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[18 Mar 2003|03:41pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Wow, fall asleep watching the weather channel and you have interesting dreams.

I was standing on this sandy hill with my mom and step dad and we were watching this sun set over the Caspian Sea... I guess we were in Iraq somewhere [Caspian Sea by Iraq?]. Then I stepped down from this hill and all of a sudden I was outside of my old catholic school sitting on tailgate of some pickup eating a peanutbutter and jelly sammich when it started pouring down rain and lightning so everyone started to run inside and they were yelling at me to come in and someone dragged me off the truck and inside. I go to my classroom and I am full on in my old uniform and stuff but I have my black fuzzy coat on and everyone is staring at me, I dunno if it's because of my coat or because I was late, I take my seat and the teacher continues teaching whatever it was she was teaching and someone is giving me these diagrams of the male body to start drawing and I tell her to leave me alone I am trying to pay attention to the teacher and the teacher hears me talking and made me move.

That's all I remember.

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[13 Mar 2003|11:57pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Very crazy, vivid dream last night. I was in my room on my bed and there are some people hanging around like it was a waiting room or something, so there are these two guys standing in line for... whatever and my computer is on and playing Soulfly [I slept really light and kept waking up so I probably really was hearing Soulfly] and these guys comment on "the good music" this place was playing. So then I look away from them and over to my left and I see this guy I was totally infatuated with in highschool and we talk for a little bit then I get up and leave only to end up in a hotel of some sort and so I took a shower. I leave the hotel and walk outside and go down the street but I can't walk in the street because of traffic so I have to walk on the shoulder, however the shoulder is a swamp and I started sinking until a Hippo popped it's head up and saved me, then randomly all these Hippos were surfacing so I could walk on them until I came to a full on big ass swamp where all these Alligators were but the Alligators didn't have eyes and they were really creepy looking so I slowly float passed them I was guessing since then didn't have eyes they were sleeping or something so I was being extra quiet. Well then I woke up and fell back asleep and I was at this person's house... [this person is someone I know and knows me so we'll just call him... "Q"] Q is standing up these stairs fucking butt ass naked and oh man was he hot. I guess we were dating or something because I got pissed off that this girl was hanging around and he was naked infront of her so he get's dressed and I meet his family and his sister was in this dream an old boyfriend's sister which was weird and all of his family hated me because I broke up with him once and we were back together yet they had never met me before but knew all the pain I caused and so forth. Right now that's all I can remember, but "Q"'s nakedness has been in my head all day. :]

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[12 Mar 2003|11:22pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

=( No one likes my community.
I remember just a small bit of my dream from last night, I was laying on my bed in just a bra and panties but there were people around me looking at me and there was nothing I could do, no way to cover myself up. Ugh, I hate dreams like that.

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[07 Mar 2003|02:55am]

[ mood | headachey ]

I remembered again yay, although it sorta jumped around alot.
I was at work and standing outside with Karen smoking a cigarette and we were watching Amanda and Tony get married somehow through the wall or something and then Amanda came outside afterwards and we all hugged. The hugging got interrupted by these airplanes that just appeared from now where over the hill and they were doing Blue Angels stuff and blue sparks were flying from them and then went Kamikazi on us and just crashed into the ground. We ran inside but then all of a sudden I was with my mom and this guy Mike we work with and we were at this mall that was closed and all the gates to the stores were down and stuff but the spaces in this one gate was big enough for me to fit through and Mike made me go steal some bras and panties for his wife. [ Haha. ] Then me and my mom were with this lady Sharon we work with and we were leaving the mall and Sharon is ooold and we were listening to one of the new radio stations and she was rockin' out to Pearl Jam.
That's all I remember unfortunately.

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[05 Mar 2003|11:52pm]

[ mood | okay ]

So I finally remembered some of my dream. Now I really don't remember alot of it but here's what I recalled while I was in this shower this morning and randomly through out the day at work..
I was walking through this vineyard sorta place and I look over to my left and see this big open barn and I guess it was where they were making moonshine [ I dunno how I knew it was moonshine but I just did], there was a guy tending to the contraptions that were in there and another guy was doing an inspection in a magenta-ish suit. I walk a little bit further and this guy stops me and pats me down and then he asks to look in my purse, I guess he was a security guard and I said well wait a minute and I looked in my purse and it was full of marijuana so I hurried and closed it and looked back to the security guard and then I took off running and laughing. Then all of a sudden I was helping someone carry a body but that only lasted a minute and then I woke up I guess.

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[04 Mar 2003|01:04am]

[ mood | great ]

Wow, sorta makes me mad that I haven't been able to remember my dreams the passed few nights...

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[01 Mar 2003|02:51am]

[ mood | awake ]

I finally got this community up and going, ironically I can't remember my dreams from last night. *shrug* By the way... does the background picture take a long time to load?

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